BREAKING: Trump Family Makes HEARTBREAKING Announcement – Are You Still With Them?

Before and after this elections we heard various accusations against our elect-President Donald Trump. This lies and verbal terror after the liberals met with fiasco, turned into a violent rage on the streets. This is wrong doing and we know how and why this things happened, but it is absurd why this crazy liberals attacked Trump’s family. That is insane, because this people are innocent and have nothing to do with politics or anything close to that. Now, this children told their HEARTBREAKING story to the American people:

Eric Trump, President Donald Trump’s son, and his wife Lara confirmed they donated an astounding $20 million dollars to help sick children.

They gave the money to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. An organization devoted to helping children with rare or incurable diseases.

Eric Trump described St Jude’s as a “national treasure.”

In this video Eric is stunned and visibly moved when he recounts his first visit to the hospital and saw all the wonderful work that was being done.

He decided he had to be involved with such a worthy cause, but even St Jude was shocked at the amount he gave to help their incredible mission.

Eric said he was proud to be a part of such an important organization. While he acknowledged how blessed he was to have healthy children he understands the importance of charity, to help others less fortunate, and in this case he wants to help find a solution for pediatric cancer. The disease that takes so many young children before their time.

How is Eric doing this? He is giving money to people with the ideas and means to find solutions. Kind of what his father wants to do with our crumbling economy.

This is the true Trump family, caring, humble, and smart.

Contrast that with the caricatures the press tried to give them, of heartless greedy billionaires, and it is easy to see why the majority of Americans do not trust the press.

We didn’t believe them so we elected Donald Trump.

Wonderful story. This is touching… This text only shows what kind of man is Donald Trump. We knew how generous and capable he is, but this shows that he is emotinal and honest man, that raised GREAT kids. This kids are the future of America!



8 Replies to “BREAKING: Trump Family Makes HEARTBREAKING Announcement – Are You Still With Them?”

  1. I feel as if I’ve known all of you for years.
    You are a “Blessing” in the W H.
    Giving gerously to St.Jude’s Hospital is one if the Best charities!
    The enemies that you have had to tolerate in Washington
    Has been tormenting…( I’m sure)
    Your Fathers Presidency has had to undergo Hate & And Jealousy …that has hurt all of us to watch!…..They treat him the same as they treated Pres.Kennedy……..Jealousy is so Ugly!
    I pray every day for each of you……God Bless

  2. I DEFINITELY think the American people need pay more attention to the real truth about the TRUMP family and ALL the people and things they do to HELP them and THIS COUNTRY!!!

  3. I Love the Trump family! Sorry that you have had to put up with mountains of 💩from the Mentally Lib-tarded! Most thinking folks support you in our prayers!

  4. We are with all of you. It is sad how hateful people are. Your father is really a strong person. They always trat Republicans this way, but it is way worse. They don’t wanrt him to expose all the corruption they have done. will be praying for all the trump family. God really saved our country . Wake up every day and are thankful Hillary is not our president.

  5. we Americans are still with all of you, with lots of love and we will continue to support you …the media and the liberals, dum-rats are throwing their vile, vulgar disgusting mouths of lies…I cannot watch the fake/false so-called news , it makes me sick ….there are lots more going on , its not only corruption, envious, jealous and the communist party to infiltrate America to make us a 3rd world country which will eventually turn to communism , so we can be the slaves for the eliteists in this country…by GEORGE SOROS and his payoll of the rinos and the liberals , we all know they want our president to fail…. Please don’t let that happen ….May God Bless each and everyone of you and may our Blessed Mother Mary enfold you with her mantle.

  6. The Trump family is a very thoughtful and caring family. Our great President has raised some great children and taught them the gift of giving to help hurting people is a great and precious gift. I thank God for the Trump family and for the wonderful man he gave America to be our Leader. All of the scum that are out to hurt he and the family will pay for every evil deed they have done against the great 1st family that we are so blessed by God to have. They can lie and accuse all they want but God knows the truth and they will be judged for their actions against the man he placed in the Presidency of the United States Of America! God bless the Trump family! We love them and will always be with them!

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