Both Teams Did Something Extraordinary Before Game 1 Of The World Series. Look Closer

While the NFL teams continue to engage in the protest of the national anthem to raise awareness around police brutality and racial inequality in the United States, many fans are fighting back. For example, a farmer mowed a message into his field to send a message that was heard loud and clear – even the President complimented him on it. Miami police officers are refusing to volunteer at the Miami Dolphins games because they want the players to stand and respect the flag and country.

But the MLB has taken a different approach. On the first game of the World Series at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California, players from the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Houston Astros stood tall and proud while the national anthem played. They wanted to show their respect for both the country that has given them their sport and for the service men and women who risk their lives fighting for freedom across the globe.

Just ahead of the game, the Dodgers tweeted a photo of their team standing for the anthem with the caption: “Go Time.”

The Astros tweeted a similar image of their team. It included the photo of their players standing along with the updated score in the middle of the second inning of play.

Keith Williams Jr. sang the Star Spangled Banner. His rendition was widely appreciated by fans and players alike. He also wore a pink ribbon for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

And because both teams were on their feet while the national anthem played, fans across the nation noticed. They were vocal about appreciating how the players were on their feet to show respect for the flag and the country.

NFL fans have not been given the same level of respect throughout this season of play.

Baseball fans on Twitter shared their love for the game online. Here were some responses:

“Wow, THAT was a National Anthem,” Cameron Gray tweeted. His post got more than a hundred likes.

Glen Pumlee shared, “Learn a lesson from game 1 of #WorldSeries2017 that no one took a knee during the National Anthem.”

Although the protests against the national anthem were heating up last season, both MLB teams stood for the national anthem during the 2016 World Series as well.

While football may have won the hearts of Americans in the 20th century, baseball could be proving why it is called “America’s Pastime.” Loaded with patriotism and iconic American culture, the MLB might be making a comeback and getting back any fans they might have lost over the years.

Seeing players stand for the anthem during the World Series was a significant win for the MLB. And people across the country noticed.

The Dodgers won the first game of the World Series 3 to 1.

Meanwhile, players in the NFL continue to protest the national anthem by kneeling. Although President Trump has called on team owners to take action and get players back up on their feet, the road to unity in football has not made any headway. Fans are still irate.

What do you think about the baseball players standing for the national anthem?

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