Dad Takes Action When He Sees What Nurse Did To Newborn [GRAPHIC]

Baby Isabel had just entered this world healthy and perfect. After a few days of recovery, it finally came time for the family to leave the hospital. Right before discharge, however, the beautiful little girl would exit in much worse condition than when she arrived, just two days earlier.

Baby Isabel (left) and Spencer Lewandowski (right)
After what a nurse did to his little girl during what should have been a routine blood test at St. Joseph Medical Center in Houston, Texas, Spencer Lewandowski fears it will leave irreversible damage. Now, he’s seeking answers and retribution, but nobody seems to be talking, which makes matters worse. An investigation into the incident was started.
According to KPRC, the infant suffered severe second-degree burns on her foot after being scalded at the hospital by a nurse, who had an interesting approach to performing a standard PKU test that all newborns get. The medical professional allegedly soaked an empty diaper in water, then placed it in a microwave to heat it up. Once it was scorching hot, the nurse slapped it on the baby’s heel before pricking her with a needle and drawing blood.

Isabel’s injury to her foot
The burning diaper scalded little Isabelle’s foot, resulting in the outer layer of skin on her foot being ripped off, exposing new flesh beneath it. The second layer of skin had also burned and blistered. Lewandowski couldn’t believe the extensive injuries his infant senselessly endured at the hands of a nurse.

“My baby has second-degree burns on her foot and ankle and now we are just trying to get her treated,” Lewandowski said in an interview following the horror. The father has since hired an attorney to take St. Joseph Medical Center to task on the mistreatment of one of their smallest patients. Tim Culberson, who is representing Lewandowski, said in all 16 years of representing injured children, he has never seen a case like this.

Once the parents armed themselves with an attorney, the hospital had no choice but to issue a statement regarding the father’s claim. “At St. Joseph Medical Center, the safety and care of our patients is our utmost concern,” their standard style statement on the matter began. “We are aware of the complaint, and are conducting a thorough investigation that is ongoing. The hospital is committed to providing high quality health services to the communities we serve.”

Although what the upset father claims happened to his baby was most likely accidental, that is still not an excuse for negligent behavior. This medical professional was entrusted with someone’s child, and they seem incapable of making rational decisions. Babies are sensitive to even warm water, let alone microwaved liquid that comes out burning hot after just a few seconds.

Hopefully, the investigation reveals the truth of the matter and the nurse who harmed this baby pays the price. It’s convenient that the hospital says in a statement after the matter that they are “committed to providing high quality health services,” when their employee’s actions prove the contrary.

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  1. Thelma Cohagen | at | Reply

    Those look like 3rd degree to me(nurse). No excuse. POOR NURSING. When you sue them, have your lawyer to obtain a court order for the Sentinal Event Report for that incident. It should have all details of the hospital’s investigation.

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