Mom HORRIFIES Doctor After They Find What She Left In Sickly Baby’s Vagina

An Oklahoma mother found herself in the spotlight after doctors learned her dirty little secret. The woman was forced to bring her sick child to a local urgent care center where the staff was horrified to see what the woman had left in the infant’s vagina – and police say it’s the “the worst case of child abuse” they’ve ever seen.

Kevin Fowler and Aislyn Miller
It all started when Kevin Fowler, 25, and Aislyn Miller, 24, took their twins to an urgent care center in Owasso, Oklahoma. However, doctors would quickly realize that they weren’t dealing with an average runny nose or a cough as the babies appeared severely malnourished.

Along with looking “skeletal,” the infants were also covered in bed sores and suffering from severe diaper rashes — but things would get much worse from there. After taking the twins into an examination room, medical staff would quickly discover the horrifying thing that the mother had left in her daughter’s vagina.

According to IJ Review, after calling 911, “nurses told police that they had seen a maggot crawl out of the genitalia of one baby.” As if that wasn’t enough, the other child had an infected wound on her finger from a piece of hair that had gotten tangled around it but was never removed.

Sadly, the police report indicates that fecal matter was also found in one infant’s ears. As one would imagine, the children were soon transferred to a local hospital with Fowler and Miller officially being taken into police custody.

The infants were both described as extremely skinny, with bed sores and severe diaper rash.
A maggot reportedly crawled out of one of the baby’s wounds, and the other had an infected wound on her finger from a piece of hair getting wrapped around it and never being removed. Nurses also found feces in an infant’s ear, the report alleges.
After seeing the state the infants were in, an Owasso police sergeant said it was the worst child abuse case he’s ever seen. Nurses and the babies’ doctor echoed that sentiment, according to the report. [Source: Tulsa World]

In what officers have publicly referred to as “the worst case of child abuse” they’ve ever seen, the arrested duo are facing charges of child abuse and are being held on $100,000 bond each. Unfortunately, Ms. Miller would only make the situation worse by trying to excuse her behavior by saying that she and Fowler were “new parents.”

Claiming inexperience to be a factor, she then went on to say that the babies were 2 weeks premature which she attributed to their condition. Furthermore, the pathetic excuse for a mother lastly noted that she didn’t have health insurance and didn’t know how to get any for her children either.

Kevin Fowler and Aislyn Miller
Sadly, this is the kind of world we live in where selfish parents seem to think that their priorities are the most important. Unfortunately, it’s defenseless infants like these two twins that pay the price for such seemingly willful negligence.

The truth is, these babies should never have been in the condition they were in when they were brought in to the urgent care unit. The good news is, these two morons are locked in a cage where they can’t do these babies any more harm. Let’s just hope it stays that way.

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  1. they are sick hopefully never have any more babies

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