Mom Tells Dog, Dad Is Finally Home From Deployment. Dog’s Reaction Has Us In Tears

When soldiers are away, it’s hard on families…even the four-legged members of the family.

Watch the video to see an amazing happy reunion: the moment a dog with an American flag bandana sees his owner for the first time in nine months.

The dog takes off like a shot from the house and down the steps, running full speed at his “dad,” who is across a parking lot in uniform under a sign that says “Welcome Home.”

The reunion includes the man throwing his arms around his dog and his fur baby standing up on his hind legs to put his front paws on the man’s shoulders to lick his face, all the while his tail wagging out of control.

The man is heard saying, “Hey, booger, I know. Good to be home. I know, it’s been so long.”

Those commenting on the Daily Mail‘s coverage of the video were moved by the touching moment, with comments such as: “So beautiful,” “What a beautiful welcome home! So precious,” “You will NEVER get a love like this from a human,” and I could watch every one of these! Never gets old. Dogs are better than people.”

Others noted: “Probably a billion of these videos on YouTube. Still nice reaction though,” “Heart warming. Unconditional love,” and “Truly man’s best friend…unconditionally, for life!”

When one commenter noted, “This is why I love dogs,” another commenter responded: “I have 2 cats and one is like this, too, giving kisses like crazy then falling asleep on my shoulder, face pressed against cheek, quite endearing.”

Others wondered about what dog’s perception of time is like, as one commenter noted: “Very sweet. My dog does the same thing if I’m gone for an hour (or maybe if she just feels like it!).” Could an hour feel the same to a dog as months?

Others excitedly wrote: “How completely wonderful! Made my day!” and “God Bless our soldiers and our dogs. They are all heroes!”

One commenter needed to grab the tissues, writing: “I just lost it. I swear I could watch this over and over and never get tired. Need to dry my eyes!”

This person explained how they’ll be missing their dogs on an upcoming trip, explaining: “I’m going to the US next month for an 8 day holiday. I must admit I’m not as pumped as I should be because I’ll miss my dogs so much even though they’ll have someone here to care for them. I’ll miss the cat but not quite as much. She has an attitude problem. But I still love her.”

And this commenter made another comparison about dogs and humans, writing: “My dog used to do the same every time I used go arrive home! They are the best. Not humans, for sure. We have a long ways to go! But they surely make this planet better for sure. I agree. We are the pets! We are still learning! They surpassed us already.” Interesting perspective, but maybe not entirely off the mark!

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