President Trump Abruptly Halts Speech During White House Event and Charges Into the Crowd

President Donald Trump interrupted his speech Friday to shake hands with a Medal of Honor recipient in the audience visiting the White House.

Trump was delivering the address in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month and was recognizing the 60 Hispanic Medal of Honor recipients in the United States when he noticed one disabled medal winner was sitting right in front of him:

“Sixty Hispanic Americans have been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for their outstanding bravery in battle,” the president said. “Did you know that? Sixty. That’s a lot.”

Moments later, he noticed one of those recipients.

“Do you mind if I go up and shake hands — I’ll interrupt our speech,” Trump said. “I wanna shake hands with somebody.”

After shaking the Medal of Honor recipient’s hand, the president joined the audience in applauding the winner.

“I heard you were here,” he said after returning to the podium. “I’m glad I got to meet you.”

Watch the moment below.

3 Comments on "President Trump Abruptly Halts Speech During White House Event and Charges Into the Crowd"

  1. Rebecca S. Snyder | at | Reply

    President Trump is a real man, a true patriot and a President before all presidents. God Bless him and the USA. An extra thought, What are those egotistical Nimrods in the NFL protesting, their freedoms, their citizenship ; what ? I’ll tell you I protest their overpaid asses for kneeling and demonstrating a total lack of respect for this country and the men and women who have served to protect us and them and those who ultimately died for their right to play that game and get paid far too much for it. I believe the NFL should stand for the Nimrods football league. National no longer fits.

  2. Anne | at | Reply

    Love and respect our President and his family!
    I pray God keeps them close and safe!

  3. He was and is and American it really doesn’t matter that he was Hispanic or black or white He was and is an AMERICAN

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