Texas Refugees Shocked By College Bathroom Addition, Cops Have Just 4 Words

A few Refugees attending the University of Texas at Dallas were left horrified to walk into the bathroom recently. After seeing the newest addition to one of the stalls, students of the Islamic faith ran to school administrators who immediately called 911 – and the police had just 4 words that made everything worse.

Mohammad Syed (left), stock image of a bathroom (right)
It all started when a student decided to head to the nearest bathroom to relieve himself. However, once inside, the UT Dallas attendee was left shocked to open a stall door and see what was inside.

As CBS DFW reports, someone had placed several copies of the Quran in a few of the toilets, prompting quick and furious outrage over the matter from students like Mohammad Syed. Of course, knowledge of the situation rapidly spread, along with the outrage, after the student who found the books in the toilet snapped a few pictures and put them online.

Before long, students had gone down to the school administrators office to tell them what happened, which reportedly resulted in an immediate call to 911. As one would imagine, police responded – but things would take a rather odd turn once they arrived.

Pictures taken by a student showing several copies of the Quran in a few toilets
Rather than telling the school to stop wasting the time and resources of police for something so ridiculous, they’re “taking the matter seriously.” According to NBC 5 DFW, officers have launched an investigation into the matter as some people have begun to call this a “hate crime.”

We all know that several American universities have developed the reputation of being heavily liberal leaning. Unfortunately, this is what our country has devolved to under the constant brainwashing of the left. When it comes down to it, this is not a hate crime as no one was hurt in the process.

We, as Americans, do not have the right “not to be offended.” In fact, the First Amendment stands in opposition to that desire. Once upon a time, talks of a revolution would be very “offensive” to a king or tyrant. Our Founding Fathers sought to ensure that was never the case again, yet here we are, thanks to entitled brats everywhere.

It’s a really sick thing to see that putting the Quran in the toilet is considered a hate crime whereas burning the flag falls under Freedom of Speech. However, under the law, putting a Quran in the toilet is actually Freedom of Speech and burning the flag is a criminal offense – but welcome to the logic of the left.

Rather than oblige the feeble minds of the pathetic whiners who reported this, the police should have asked a few questions. Was anyone physically hurt? Were the Qurans stolen? Were the toilets damaged? If the answers to those three questions were “no,” then they should have turned around and walked right out.

The fact that anyone – Muslims or otherwise – felt the need to call the police over this shows just how far down the rabbit hole we’ve gone. Then again, we may find out in a few days that this was just another hate crime hoax perpetrated by a Muslim or liberal to generate sympathy.

Either way, this has to stop. This wouldn’t have been news if this was a Bible. Christians wouldn’t have called the police, and the left wouldn’t have given any sympathy for such a reality. Of course, this is sad to see preferential treatment being given to anyone. The entitled brats of this country have a lot of growing up to do, and they can start by not wasting law enforcement resources over such asinine incidents.

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  1. Cecil Ryan | at | Reply

    Is there anything I can do to help? Like flush the toilet for you or something.
    This is so stupid it borders on the embecilic. One asinine fellow throws the muslim bible in the toilet and another comes and acts out the end of the world. The cops show up and promise to investigate this form of hate. Are we down the rabbit hole or what?
    Give me a break!!

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